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Dr Fridge operates by plugging and an adapter into a power source. There is no automatic shut off. Dr Fridge runs permanently while connected to a power supply and switched ON. Please make sure not to switch settings abruptly from one operating mode into the other. 

1. Extend product shelf life

2. Reduce bacteria growth

3. Hot & cold settings

4. Calm & de-puff your skin

Dr. Fridge is designed for the storage of skin and cosmetic products to help extend shelf life and reduce the risk of harmful bacteria becoming present.


On Dr Fridge’s cold setting we recommend storying skincare products like creams, face masks, facial mists/sprays, sunscreen, toners, serums. and beauty facial tools. By using your skincare products cold, you may experience calm and de-puffed skin compare to using a room temperature product. We also recommend storing beauty products such as perfumes, lipsticks, mascaras, nail p polish. This is especially advised during warmer months as cosmetic products can soften and nail polishes may dry out easily.


On hot setting we recommend storing small towels for facial, waxes and facial oils.

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We wanted to create a convenient & hygienic solution for those who actively wanted to use cold products as part of their daily routine. No more running back and forth to your kitchen to get your serums or storing your products next to your guacamole.

A little condensation is normal and easily dealt with. On occasion, you may notice a little condensation, in the form of frost or moisture droplets, inside your Dr. Fridge. This is normal and is best removed by wiping it down with a clean soft cloth. Condensation is created by the presence of humidity or moisture and is impacted by factors such as the temperature or humidity of the surrounding environment, location, and the temperature of items before they are placed inside the fridge. Unlike your kitchen fridge, your Dr. Fridge is thermo-electric and won’t actively remove moisture from the air.

To minimise condensation, we recommend that you:

1. Keep your Dr. Fridge in a cool, dry place away from heat sources or direct sunlight.

2. Allow 10cm (4’) clearance behind your Dr. Fridge for optimal ventilation.

3. Keep your Dr. Fridge door shut when not in use.

4. Avoid placing warm or hot items in your Dr. Fridge if you are using cold setting.

5. Clean your Dr. Fridge regularly with a clean, soft cloth.

We understand that some customers may wish to store their Dr Fridge inside their bathroom or bedroom, so we made sure to equip all of our Dr Fridge’s with the most quiet fans, running at only 28db so you will not be disrupted by a loud humming noise. 

Dr. Fridge measures 10”x7”x9.5” (26cm x 18cm x 24cm) with an internal capacity of 4 litres measuring 7”X5” and 4” deep (18cm x 13cm x 10cm). Dr. Fridge was designed to fit comfortably on even the smallest of bathroom or vanity counters, whilst still boasting generous space for your beauty products. Dr. Fridge features as internal door shelf for additional space as well as a removable middle shelf located 4.7” (12cm) from the based of your Dr. Fridge if you wish to store taller products. 

Dr fridge can cool down to 4°C-10°C at 25°C ambient or heat up to 40°C-50°C with the ease of a switch.

All Dr. Fridge comes with a 1 year warranty for peace of mind in the unlikely event your Dr. Fridge experiences a manufacturer fault. Also our warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by accidents, failures due to abuse, or unauthorised modifications.


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