About Us

Keep Your cosmetics fresh
Hi, we’re Dr. Fridge

There is nothing more delicious than self-confidence. Feeling good in your skin is your birth right. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to producing skincare solutions poised at attaining the little luxuries we know and love.

- Safety certified

- Hot & cold settings

- Portable for those on the go


One day, our founder Fa was shocked when her clay mask had completely dried out in the midst of Malaysia extremely hot day. Slightly distraught to say the least, Fa hopped online and searched for a product that would do the job and avoid this mayhem from ever reoccurring.

“After realising that there wasn’t anything in the market, Fa, decided she had to take matters into her own hands. Thus, Dr. Fridge was born.”

Dr. Fridge is proud to be a Malaysian owned/operated company. For those of you who are asking - no, it is not interchangeable with your kitchen fridge. Dr. Fridge operates at a higher temperature than your kitchen fridge and is optimal for the active ingredients in your skincare and beauty products.