Hi, we’re Dr. Fridge

Skincare isn’t a routine; it’s a fun experience! 

There is nothing more delicious than self-confidence. Feeling good in your skin is your birth right. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to producing skincare solutions poised at attaining the little luxuries we know and love.

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Why Dr. Fridge?

It is time to store your investments where they are treated as investments. By storing your beauty products at an optimal temperature, you are extending your product's shelf life.

What can I store in my Dr. Fridge?

With this kind of space, the world is your oyster. You store just about all your beauty products with Dr. Fridge’s 4L capacity! 

Facemask and Chill

It's time to experience cold skincare.


I am obsessed with my @drfridge.co! It's the perfect gift for yourself and to anyone in your family that is into skincare. There's a hot and cold setting which blows my mind! 10/10

Charmaine Lee

I only had Dr Fridge for a few days but I already love it so much and especially in this hot weather I'm so glad that I don't have to worry about my beauty products melting.

Nor Atikah

It is really nice to have extra storage for my products, as I am a skincare and beauty enthusiast. I love the fact that it has a hot setting for when I want to have a spa day and keep my towels warm!


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